Arshile Gorky Catalogue Raisonné
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Photo: © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA / Art Resource, NY
Charcoal, graphite pencil, and pastel on paper mounted on board
79 5/8 x 101 3/4 in. (202.2 x 258.4 cm)
Recto not inscribed
Verso not seen
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It is uncertain if it was the artist who mounted the paper on the auxiliary support; no documentation of the verso of the original paper support or reverse of the auxiliary mount has been made available. The material makeup of the auxiliary support is uncertain. In a letter from 1947 the work is described as mounted on a "stretcher"; in the loan agreement for 1951a New York, it is described as mounted on "canvas." Subsequent references, from 1961 to the present, describe the mount as "composition board."


The drawing is the culmination of several earlier and smaller studies, completed between 1946 and 1947 (D1483, D1484, and D1485), and is the largest known work on paper by Gorky.

On July 5, 1947, Gorky wrote to his wife Agnes "Mougouch" (1913–1921), triumphantly sharing news of its completion: "I just this afternoon finish [sic] a very large drawing [D1486]. ('from [Ethel and Wolfgang] schwabacher[s'] drawing [D1484]') it is very large one about 80 x 102 inches, and it looks very good."1

During the period the monumental drawing was created, Gorky worked alone in his studio at 36 Union Square, while Mougouch, Maro (b. 1943), and Natasha (b. 1945), spent the hot summer months in Castine, Maine. In a letter to Mougouch, sent soon after the family's departure in early June, the Gorkys' close friend, Jeanne Reynal (1903–1989), reported on Gorky "working and very well. . . . The drawings are beautiful and I think he is finding great satisfaction in their magnitude [D1486; likely also D1337, D1403, and D1492]. He does not show them to anyone and so I feel honored that I have seen them."2 As Gorky’s ensuing letter to Mougouch conveys, he was determined to resolve Summation before turning his attention to painting and his next solo exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery, scheduled for February 1948: "I am to begin to paint coming monday. I am sorry my darling for not writing to you sooner. as you see I had to finish that drawing."3

Julien Levy (1906–1981), of the eponymous gallery, and the drawing's first owner, remembered Summation as one of "4 extraordinary and large drawings" that he received directly from Gorky before the artist’s death in July 1948 (see also D1337, D1059, and D1492).4 In a letter dated March 9, 1949, Levy explained, "the category for these [drawings] was never determined. . . . I sold another (mural size) [D1486] after Gorky's death and turned over the proceeds without any commission to Mrs. Gorky ($1,000)."5 When the drawing came into Leo Castelli's (1907–1999) possession, it was given the title Summation, under which appellation it was first shown in 1955 and has been known since. Many years later, Castelli recalled acquiring the drawing from Levy "under amusing circumstances."6 In his words, it "wasn't framed yet, just lying on the floor," yet he "fell in love with it," purchasing it for $900 across monthly installments of one hundred dollars.

According to Ethel Schwabacher (1903–1984), Gorky once said of the summative drawing, "This is a world."8

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(Summation), 1947, D1486. Summation, as displayed in the entrance hall to the Heller apartment at 151 Central Park West.
Summation, as displayed in the entrance hall to the Heller apartment at 151 Central Park West.
Photo: © Collection of Ben Heller
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